Furry Friends and Fall Fitness Fun! (part 1)

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September 15, 2017
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October 6, 2017

Furry Friends and Fall Fitness Fun! (part 1)

Fall is creeping out and that means its the last chance to do some training outdoors before the bitter cold sets in. A nice feature to add to a fall run is having your best fuzzy friend with you. No not the Neanderthal look a like that lives next door. I’m talking about your enthusiastic canine waiting at the door. The nice thing about running with a dog is you usually don’t have to wait for them to get ready, they are always excited to be running, they typically will run at your pace, and you can zone out with your iPod without being rude. But best of all your not running alone out there in the wide open world.

It can be dangerous running outdoors. Having a well sized dog can be a strong deterrent for attackers. The majority of inmates accused of assaulting women testified that they were less likely to target someone if they had a dog with them. So spend some quality time with your pet outside next time you want to get some air.

Of course when exercising outdoors be sure to:

  1. Try and not take the same route during the same routine times.
  2. Run between 6 AM and 6 PM when attacks are less likely to happen.
  3. You and your dog should stay hydrated.
  4. Wear appropriate SPF skin coverage or clothing.
  5. Layering can be blessing for running outside.
  6. Safety first; wear reflective gear, keep a watchful eye on suspicious activity, and take note of people watching you as well.
Cathleen has a strong background in athletics in general, most of her life has been devoted to martial art and combat training. Her love for high impact/dangerous sports has provided her with the forced pleasure of learning the anatomy and physiology of the human body and about the human condition in conflict. Which later drove Cathleen to spend over a decade working parallel in the medical and fitness industry prior to dedicating all her avocational time to her career as a Health and Wellness Consultant.

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