Sick Care VS Health Care

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January 1, 2018
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January 11, 2018

As health care consumers and practitioners we are all responsible for the wellness treatment we receive in this country. Would you agree, that depending on where and how you spend your health care dollars either promotes sick care -which may very well line the pockets of a corresponding fear mongering corporation- or by choosing to spend your hard earned money on your health -and investing in practitioners who harbor ideals focused around your long term wellness- contributes to health care? How do you know if you practice “sick care” or participate in “health care”? To answer that, I’d like to quote a really good book: “By their fruits ye shall know them.” When you look around at the overall health of our society what do you see? Epidemics of obesity and chronic diseases; a staggering rise in type 2 diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease taxing our society to the brink. While the US alone grossed over $446 billion in revenue last year. Ask yourself, as a consumer seeking better health do you run to your doctor and demand a “quick fix it pill” or the like, to band-aid your issue? Does your physician provide that to you without discussing alternative options or suggestions on how to implement mindful shifts in your lifestyle to help alleviate your discomfort or evade future problems? Do you tend to invest into primary preventative care? Do the medical personnel you choose to see encourage you to search for ways to enhance your overall well-being?

You drive the industry each time you see a particular medical doctor or buy a certain prescription. The health options we have available to us are all based off of supply and demand. We are no longer a nation that is limited to “local know how”. The $3,205.6 plus billion put toward our nations attempt at restorative medicine is not entirely the governments fault because they cut benefits and pushed policy changes. Its not even the medical schools lack of attention on increasing patient homeostasis rather than focusing on illness that is responsible. There’s no one to blame but us, the people. We are creating an environment based off of our choices. Some have added to this societal burden. While others are educating themselves on how to improve the direction of the health of our nation, starting with themselves.Which reminds me of another appropriate quote, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Doesn’t it feel empowering to know that you get to cast your health care vote each and every time your pharmacy swipes your credit card or your doctor bills your insurance? By simply being more aware, you then harbor the potential to witness a shift in your cognitive reframing and even in your behavior around your condition. I implore you to become informed about plausible changes you can make in your surroundings that support health. Seek out information to help ward off potential long term illnesses. Acquire the knowledge needed to keep your immune system and chromosomes thriving. Then implement your wellness findings into your life. This last step is crucial because “Faith without works is dead.” Have a conversation about increasing your well-being with your physician and see what recommendations they have that will assist you on your wellness journey. If your MD is unwilling or unable to advise you, then they are likely not part of the solution; and you may consider inviting someone else on your health journey that is.

Cathleen has a strong background in athletics in general, most of her life has been devoted to martial art and combat training. Her love for high impact/dangerous sports has provided her with the forced pleasure of learning the anatomy and physiology of the human body and about the human condition in conflict. Which later drove Cathleen to spend over a decade working parallel in the medical and fitness industry prior to dedicating all her avocational time to her career as a Health and Wellness Consultant.


  1. Evert says:
    I'll choose Health please. I hate being sick! You quoted from my favorite book too. Fantastic article! Thank you.

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