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January 20, 2017
The Beat of Your Workout
February 1, 2017

Its been a lengthy -but necessary- leave and now CC Training is back to break in the new year! Now that the holiday season has come to a screeching halt there may be some of you whom are saying “I hope this coming year is just as healthy, wealthy, and plentiful of fantastic relationships as the following years have been.”. But for the other 99% of the group you are likely looking at some New Year resolutions-yet again- and stating how “…this years going to be different!”. Why so many people world wide wait until January to decide to make life changes is beyond me, but as it is a symbolism of fresh beginnings for something new, and if it motivates you to get ‘er done then I suppose we should be thankful that it has finally arrived! That’s right, Winter is in full swing and most of us have our hibernating gear put to full time use:  extra layers of insulation, more time lazing about, and plenty of high calorie-low nutrient fuel to give us the strength to pick up the remote and occasionally walk to the bathroom. Ah yes, now I see how this may put life into perspective for some. You happen to see yourself in the mirror or take a gander into the doctors office for a minor check up and wonder:  “Who is this person starring back at me and why are all the scales broken?”.  And although your not alone in this bewilderment, you may find it difficult to recruit a strong support system or teammate to help you through this endeavor.

I’ve often heard people stating:  “Its impossible to make those changes on your own…” and while I don’t think thats entirely accurate, it can be very difficult to succeed at getting your health back on track alone. So its time to call for back up and send in the reinforcements, but what exactly does that mean? And who do I look to for help in this endeavor? The answer can be tricky at best. First off, lets look objectively at who you may have at your disposal.  Easy right, those who bring you further into a sickly slow death march to the end of life and those who bring you closer to your health and life goals. Possibly, but lets look more closely at a probable support system:  accomplices, family, friends, parasitic relations, and ancillary supporters.  You get to choose where people fit in to help you attain your goals. And just because someone is a “friend” or “family” doesn’t automatically make them a supporter. You can invite anyone onto your team to help you get to where you want to be. Choose wisely when looking for outside guidance from people, books, councilors, classes;  and try and stick with whatever drives you. And be sure and check back here once in a while for some new tips to help along the way.


Cathleen has a strong background in athletics in general, most of her life has been devoted to martial art and combat training. Her love for high impact/dangerous sports has provided her with the forced pleasure of learning the anatomy and physiology of the human body and about the human condition in conflict. Which later drove Cathleen to spend over a decade working parallel in the medical and fitness industry prior to dedicating all her avocational time to her career as a Health and Wellness Consultant.

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