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While the keto diet is all the craze over the past few years, it’s really not all that new. Which is good, because we are able to look at the effects of a ketogenic diet through previous trial and error over the past century. Thus helping us implement only the useful insights to address the issues at hand.

What exactly is the issue we are looking to resolve with a ketogenic diet?

For many, a ketogenic diet is sought after primarily to utilize existing adipose tissue to fuel your body while simultaneously eating bacon wrapped cubes of butter. And who doesn’t want to release fat while still indulging in savory-satiating foods, right? The 60-90% fat intake that comes from a typical keto regimen sounds like a good time to most people! There are even ways of speeding up the process by consuming engineered ketones to trick your cells into ketosis. The byproduct of which encourages your body to then use ketones produced by the liver or through ingested ketones for energy instead of the bodies preferred source, glucose. Which some claim can cure diseases and increase longevity. Sounds appealing, doesn’t it?

Is it possible that the keto diet could fall into the extreme restrictive dieting category? This may be the case for certain individuals, the grain loving sorts to be exact. Others find that a keto-type diet is what works best for their body and lifestyle long term and can effortlessly maintain it, indefinitely. Some of you may just be poking around for more insight to see if this magical diet will give you the bodybuilder look they’ve long desired. If that’s you, stick around, there will be some suggestions for you in a minute.

If you’ve tried and tested the keto diet and have found it is the best physiological and social nutrition plan for you over the long haul, how wonderful you’ve found your way. Or perhaps you have an irregular issue or disease that requires such a diet in order to offset other life-threatening complications. Either way, there are a few caveats to keep in mind when living keto, even if it is a perfect fit for your figure, lifestyle and/or immediate health.

For example:
Lack of enough fiber and specific micronutrients found in whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.
Plausible cognitive disruption
Severe mood swings
Muscle catabolism
Decreased testosterone
Impaired immune function
Increased cortisol levels
Decreased thyroid function
Overall lowered metabolic function

And thats assuming you are eating a “clean” ketogenic nutrition plan and not consuming an exorbitant amount of saturated and trans fats like you’ll find in overly processed-cured meats and fried foods.

So how do you combat these dilemmas but still eat heaping mounds of cheese? One suggestion is to supplement some of your vitamins and minerals. This would be best if done using some caution. While taking a pill to help assure you are getting all the nutrients you need is not as easy as walking to the drug store and filling up your basket. It is a calorie-free way to increase some of the lacking nutrients missing in a keto type regimen. Talk with your health care provider and ask which vitamins and minerals would be best for your particular body, weight, age, gender and so on. Then do your research on each company to find who provides those supplements. Become familiar with each companies practices which will help you be more aware of the type of quality products you are purchasing. All in hopes of getting the most bioavailable supplement to assure that you are actually metabolizing what you are ingesting. Because while being built like a sea-loving pirate is fun, having scurvy is not. That’s why there are qualified health professionals that can assist you with those tasks in conjunction with your medical doctors’ direction.

Wanting to start a keto diet? If you are curious about the keto, try it! Take some baselines about where you are currently; like your body fat, weight, circumference measurements, a week of food journaling, and a quick check in with loved ones about your current demeanor and attitude (our psychological health is typically largely involved with our nutrition experiences), and then start your 30 day experiment! If you love it, your body loves it, and you can maintain that for the rest of your life then maybe its a great fit. If you feel it is severely constraining on your social life and you aren’t willing to find a new circle of friends and family then that may be a strain to strongly consider. Or perhaps you are starting to notice some physiological or emotional changes that do not coincide with what you want in your life? Those aspects are still part of living and should be considered as well.

In summary, you are a unique divine specimen and require a nutrition regimen just as specific. Find what works for you and your life.

Cathleen has a strong background in athletics in general, most of her life has been devoted to martial art and combat training. Her love for high impact/dangerous sports has provided her with the forced pleasure of learning the anatomy and physiology of the human body and about the human condition in conflict. Which later drove Cathleen to spend over a decade working parallel in the medical and fitness industry prior to dedicating all her avocational time to her career as a Health and Wellness Consultant.

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