There are a myriad of different products that remedy countless nutritional dilemmas. Please consider answering this 

10 question self assessment

so that we may recommend what products or services will serve you best. 

    A. Decrease or increase in weight, size, or body fat/muscle.B. Better performance, new PR’s, or expansion of fitness level.C. More clarity, energy, stamina in everyday life.D. All the above.E. None of the options listed.

    A. Within the next 4-6 weeks.B. During the coming off season.C. By next year.D. NeverE. None of the options listed.

    A. It would be great if it came to pass all on its own and I did nothing.B. I will set aside a couple hours 2-3 days a week to get there.C. Its not my primary focus but is important enough to commit some time each day to reaching this goal.D. I’m going to commit all my time and energy into the success of this goal.

    A. I don’t even know where to begin outside of asking for help from a professional, and that’s why I’m reaching out to you.B. I have made positive changes in my food choices and fitness regiment, but I’m not getting the results I want or progressing as fast as I would like.C. I’ve made major changes and moved forward by leaps and bounds but now have plateaued in my progress.D. I have been on top of my goal and doing phenomenal, I am just getting burned out or overwhelmed from all the researching or structuring.

    A. YesB. No

    A. Yes, I have people who could guide, encourage or even take this challenge on WITH me.B. No, I am completely solo on this journey.

    A. NoneB. Occasional lifting with machines or attending aerobic type classes, walking outside or being “active” in general.C. I’ve been to the gym enough that I can figure out most lifts and machines out on my own, I have competed in local races here and there, or I used to participate in sports.D. I’m a gym rat/fitness trainer/professional racer/athlete.

    A. YesB. No

    A. I’ve always just eaten anything slower than me and most of my “athletics” consist of walking to the fridge and my 3 oz doughnut curls.B. I think I have a general idea of what I should and shouldn’t eat to maintain a regular BMI, and understand the importance of clean eating.C. I’m relatively well read about nutrition and know a fare amount about how to combine clean food within an average exercise plan.D. I’m a few classes shy of becoming a certified nutritionist or licensed dietitian, and am a fitness fanatic!

    A. I am restricted with the funds I’m ALREADY spending on my food which I will reallocate toward better food choices.B. I have a small additional allowance to put toward my new nutrition lifestyle transformation.C. I’ve budgeted in a reasonable amount of money that I can invest into attaining my goal.D. I’m broke as a joke and need to spend LESS than I currently am on nutrient depleted food but I’m very passionate about reaching my wellness goal.