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May 14, 2017
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May 16, 2017
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A long-lasting, flavorful energy shot made with naturally sourced, plant-based caffeine and Adaptogens.

  • 35 calories per serving
  • Fuel your everyday and athletic activities
  • No artificial colors, sweeteners, or flavors

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Fights Low Energy

Life is difficult when you’re low on energy. e+ boosts energy, fights low energy, and can improve athletic performance, all without any artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners.*

Natural Energy

e+ combines a scientifically supported blend of botanicals and plant-based caffeine from green tea and yerba mate to help you feel energized and mentally alert.*

Give Back

For every box of e+ sold, Isagenix donates 50 cents to Make-A-Wish. For more information, please visit

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